March Office News

You might notice some new faces when you check-in next time. We’re always striving to improve the quality and efficiency of our patient care, and we hope you find our new people friendly and helpful.

You may also notice that we’re getting busier. There are some primary care doctors in the area who have stopped accepting insurance. This is good for our clinic, but we may have less tolerance for walk-ins and same day appointments on some days. Please keep this in mind if you’re thinking about putting something off until the last minute. We’ll still try to get you in the same day for “urgent care” needs, but the schedule is tightening.

If you are unable to afford the medical care that we provide, try the airport. There you can get a free full-body x-ray, a breast exam and if you mention the word “bomb”,  you’ll get a free prostate exam and a colonoscopy 😉

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