Anti-Aging Information

Age Management Medicine (also called Anti-aging Medicine) is based on the concept that sufficient medical evidence reveals that we can improve your quality of life by delaying the onset of signs and symptoms associated with aging.

A large body of literature not only supports this concept, but it also confirms its safety.

Age management medicine is defined as advanced preventive medicine, focused on regaining and maintaining optimal health and vigor. Issues associated with aging — from body composition and energy to brain and sexual function — are largely related to hormonal deficiencies. The truth is that we start to lose one to three percent of our hormones at age 30. By the time we turn 40, we clearly are aware of the difference.

Age management medicine incorporates well-known and accepted markers of disease risk into proactive patient management and uses hormone modulation to yield superior health outcomes. For most hormones, the goal is simply achieving the upper 33% of the normal range for a patient’s age. The exceptions are insulin and cortisol (which should be modulated to the lower 33% of the normal range).

Age management medicine recognizes that successful therapies necessitate a healthy lifestyle, including optimal low-glycemic index nutrition, appropriate nutrient supplementation and the absolute need for physical exercise. This unique field of medicine focuses on the synergy of these elements, which enhances vitality and extends our health span. While we may or may not be able to increase longevity, we are able to prevent premature disability and death while enjoying a better quality of life.

We have the knowledge, technology and expertise to prevent or delay degenerative disease as well as the signs and symptoms associated with aging. The starting place, of course, is a comprehensive evaluation to understand each patient’s unique needs. Today, each of us has the power to improve the quality of our lives by focusing on improving our health.

The American medical care system is based on the treatment of disease—waiting for something negative to happen, and then trying to fix it after the fact. Age management medicine takes a positive turn in medical science, using a preventive, proactive approach to lengthen health span and enjoy a more youthful aging process.

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